Why Businesses Thrive with Feedback

Recently I ran a full-day workshop for clients. Many of the attendees seemed to find the workshop enjoyable and helpful. They actively contributed to the discussions in all sessions.

There were great vibes in the room all day long. But you can never tell how you impact others until you get their feedback.

Then I read the feedback forms…

Truth is, the overall assessment wasn’t terrible. In fact, they gave me some great pointers I could use for future events. But I’ll admit that the feedback stung a little bit, especially because they were not what I expected.

Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me. I was crushed because I always desire to excel in everything I do. But after that initial disappointment, I was able to reflect more clearly on the feedback I had received.Without getting the participants’ feedback, I wouldn’t have gained valuable information and insights on areas to focus on for improvement.

I find that getting feedback from clients is the easiest and fastest way to learn and do my work better.

Why Business Owners Need Feedback

Receiving well-thought-out feedback helps us grow. As a small business owner, there are plenty of reasons to seek feedback from customers about the product or service you provide. Here’s a short list I have come up with:

  1. Encouraging feedback opens the lines of communication.

When you show your customers that you welcome their feedback, you are less likely to lose them. In fact, they start to feel comfortable giving comments on areas you need to work on. This honest sharing (or disclosure) ensures that problems or issues are acted upon, resulting in happy clients.

  1. Regularly asking for feedback builds customer loyalty.

By taking the time to ask clients to rate your product or service, you show that you care about their views or opinions.  When you embrace customer feedback like it’s a blessing, you are more likely to have repeat business.

  1. Businesses that value customer feedback get more referrals.

Continuing from point #2, when customers are convinced that you care about their experience with your product or service, they begin to trust you. Don’t take their comments for granted and they become more willing to refer your business to their friends, family members or colleagues.

  1. Positive feedback boosts employee morale.

Satisfied clients and happy customers often leave great reviews of your product or service. The staff that provided exceptional service gets credit for the job well done. This, in turn, helps improve the employee’s morale and productivity at work.

  1. Spot training opportunities through feedback.

We all have blind spots – weaknesses or flaws in our behaviors that we don’t realise until an outsider points them out. Soliciting feedback helps us identify what we need to improve. Fight the urge to react or defend yourself. Instead, try to see feedback as an opportunity to change for the better. This practice will help you look at your business from different angles with the view of continuous improvement.

Get into the habit of seeking feedback. The more frequent you ask for feedback about your performance, product, or services, the easier it will be to think it’s a normal part of growing your business.  

Try it today. Ask your customer for feedback. Start with this question:

What’s one thing that I could do with my product or service differently that would make it better?