Position Vacant: Entrepreneur

Role Description:

Work Hours –  5 to 9

Holidays – One every 4 years

Reports to – All clients, prospective clients, employees, investors, suppliers and the community

Salary – non-existent


To be successful in this role you will possess a passion for your idea, ensuring your relentless persistence in seeing it succeed.

You will be committed to continuous learning, seeking efficiencies, process improvement and of course, generating profits.

You must have the ability to flourish in the unknown. This role will remove the security of a regular paycheque, the certainty around the hours of work, and the ability to switch off at the end of the day.

Reporting to Customers, Employees, Investors, and Suppliers (at a minimum), you will be torn by the need to prioritise according to importance and be able to effectively communicate with others.

Persons seeking work/life balance need not apply. This role requires a constant juggle between spending time in the business and enjoying time with the family, catching up with friends, and squeezing that little bit of time for the most important aspect – You.

The successful Entrepreneur will gain immense satisfaction from:

  • the exhilaration of landing a new client, or a customer placing a large order;
  • the joy of sending out an invoice, and seeing that payment hit the bank account;
  • seeing an employee blossom in their career;
  • building a sustainable business to create financial freedom, and living the lifestyle they choose
  • seeing their product or service being enjoyed by their customers

Although written in jest, any business owner/entrepreneur will attest to the accuracy of this description.

If this sounds like you, there is no need to apply. Do your research, ensure you have a viable business model, seek advice from your advisers and most importantly, have fun.