Wonder Woman or Just a Typical Mum/Business Owner?

Let’s face it: running your own business is tough. Being a Mum is tough. Putting the two together is plain crazy.

Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fulfilling my role as a wife, mother and small business owner brings me great joy and satisfaction. This is why I happily invest my time and energy in growing my business and taking care of my family.

I certainly understand the challenges of time management and juggling family and business responsibilities. If you have been in this situation or you know someone who juggles work and family duties, you can tell that it is a constant struggle.

Getting Through Tough Times

Most of the time, I can keep my head above water. But when the kids get sick, it is a different story. While it’s obvious that family takes priority over any business venture, I want as much as possible to keep all my commitments.

Recently, when all three of my children fell ill, they had to skip school for a week to recuperate. This meant I had to work late hours and postpone important meetings with clients in order to tend to my children’s needs. It was truly a challenging time for me.

Thankfully everyone understood the situation. However, it was still disrupting to my business.

This experience taught me to expect the unexpected. My kids or spouse will get sick. I could fall ill myself. As a savvy mumpreneur, I have to know how to face this dilemma.

Wonder Woman or A Mum with a Mission?

My husband has recently told me that “I’m a Wonder Woman” because of all of the commitments I take on. I’m extremely flattered by this compliment.

Yet after thinking about it, I realized how I have been protective with my time. Like a heroine who sets out on a mission, I ignore everything that doesn’t bring me closer to my goals. There are plenty of activities that I happily chose not to participate in.

When it boils down to it we can only do so much. Being at peace with this helps you excel in those areas you choose to spend time on and leave other activities/tasks for others to do. After all, where there’s a will there’s a way. If not, there’s an excuse.

It pays to know your priorities and focus your efforts on the activities and practices that have a great impact on your life in the long run.

So, what unnecessary habits or tasks can you let go to make room for those you wish to do?

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