Why a Complaint can be a Huge Gift

A complaint is like an expensive piece of diamond jewellery concealed in an old newspaper. If you knew what’s hidden beneath the aged yellowish newspaper, you would be too eager to unwrap it. But seldom do people see beyond the ugly mask most complaints wear.

Once you see the value that complaints add to your business, you will begin to approach it differently.

No longer is complaint management a necessary evil. You will start to think of it as an opportunity to improve your service, retain current customers, develop brand ambassadors, and attract more potential customers. You will stop seeing complaint handling as a costly aspect of your business operation.

Instead, you will see complaint management as a blessing, a learning opportunity, and a necessary ingredient to innovation. It’s your defence against competitors trying to woo your loyal customers with their massive product discounts and better customer service. It’s how you stay relevant to consumers’ ever-changing habits, needs, and demands.

What’s your attitude about customer complaints? How do you evaluate your current complaint handling procedure? How can it be improved?