What Babies Can Teach Us About Business Success

Lately, I’ve been fascinated watching my daughter, Isabelle, grow from a baby into a toddler.

On many occasions, I’ve observed her squint her eyes, steady her body, and push her chubby little legs – onward. Gazing toward me, she would stagger forward, fall repeatedly, and get back up again – eager to continue walking until she has mastered the technique.

I’ve witnessed her struggles and admired her perseverance.

What are Babies Trying to Tell Us?

We have no idea what babies are thinking as they develop into toddlers.

Where do they get such will and eagerness to keep trying despite stumbling and falling so many times?

All I can imagine is that they must have no concept or fear of failure. Why? They probably see no reason why they should not succeed.

To add to their chances of success is our constant stream of enthusiastic encouragement and excited cheers as they progress from moving around holding to furniture to taking that tentative first step to finding their balance through continued practice, and finally walking confidently across the room and around the house.

Like most supportive parents, you were there when your babies tottered and toddled. Whenever they fell down, you stood there smiling, encouraging them to give it another try. If you believe they can do it, then why shouldn’t they?

How does this relate to business?

It’s not unusual for a small business owner to suffer setbacks. It’s how you handle those obstacles that sets you apart from your competitors.

Will you be like Isabelle and get back up to try again? Or will you give up on your dream? More importantly, do you have a cheer squad urging you to go on?

Be it friends, family, colleagues, or a business mentor, it’s vital to have someone to turn to when times get tough. They help you pick yourself up and take that next step.

It’s just as important to have them by your side when you have reached a milestone – to share a celebration of your victories.

Watching Isabelle’s unrelenting determination to walk has reignited my belief that failure is not an option.

What’s your source of inspiration?